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Anhui runjia intelligent storage equipment co., LTD is located in tangtu county economic development zone, ma 'anshan city, which is a national health city along anhui, jiangsu and Yangtze river. The company is committed to intelligent storage telescopic fork, telescopic fork class research and development, processing, manufacturing professional machinery enterprises. < span style = "text text-indent: 2 em;" > completely independent design, independent production and processing! The production of automatic telescopic fork with telescopic, precise limit, high bending strength characteristics.

Company in the product we with high quality, high efficiency, with the latest technology and management concepts to reduce costs, so that customers improve their competitive advantage return customers. Pay attention to employee safety and personnel training, in order to constantly improve the quality of products, technical force, competitiveness and precision machinery design technology, so that the quality of products fully meet the strict requirements of customers. The company strives to provide customers with quality, high efficiency, low cost products. Serve more customers, on the way to grow grateful to have you. With a number of professional design talent, at any time for you to customize a variety of shifting telescopic fork, free of charge to provide accurate design!