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Stretch forks. Your warehouse needs smart storage

Date:2019-05-23 Views:79

  With the development of e-commerce platforms and the expansion of warehouse scale, the traditional manual handling, storage and warehouse management of telescopic cargo forks are no longer enough to meet the current e-commerce model of mass production and warehouse management.

  However, intelligent warehouse stacker has been widely applied and developed in different degrees by virtue of its advantages such as high operation efficiency, improved warehouse utilization rate, no manual intervention in the operation process, high degree of automation and easy management, and has been favored by many enterprises.

  High degree of automation, high efficiency, good stability

  This intelligent warehouse stacker is mainly composed of column, loading platform, horizontal walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, fork telescopic mechanism, regulating wheel device, safety protection device, control cabinet, guardrail and so on. It has simple structure and beautiful appearance. Light weight, fast speed, impact resistance; Fine design, long life, low maintenance costs and other advantages.


  Moreover, this intelligent warehouse stacker adopts unique s-type acceleration control, and optimizes the motor output torque, which can greatly shorten the cycle time while achieving smooth running and cargo access. Abnormal detection sensors are set in various places, including collapse detection of goods, lifting tension detection, cargo fork detection, overload detection, cargo overflow detection, incoming goods detection, anti-fall devices, etc., to ensure absolute safety; The starting mode at any position can shorten the repair time, and has the function of running history record tracking, which can help you analyze the cause of failure and make maintenance plan.

  It is known that this intelligent warehouse stacker is widely applicable.Adjustable pallet forkIt is not only suitable for large distribution center of circulation industry, but also for automatic logistics center provided by manufacturers.