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Telescopic fork adjusts the height of the fork according to the size of the cargo

Date:2019-05-22 Views:49

1, telescopic fork in good road, forklift bucket clip rated lifting of 3 tons, in poor road conditions, lifting weight should be appropriately reduced, and reduce the speed.

2. When loading the goods, the height of the fork shall be adjusted according to the size of the goods, and the weight of the goods shall be evenly divided by the two forks, so as not to cause the goods to slip to one side due to off-load. After the fork is inserted into the cargo pile, the fork wall should be in contact with one side of the cargo, and then adjust the height of the fork, lift the fork more than 20mm from the air before driving.

3, beyond 7 ° incline transport goods should be made on the slope above the goods. Do not brake sharply when transporting the goods to prevent the goods from slipping out. When carrying the bulk cargo, the cargo should be in view and the forklift bucket clamp should be driven backward at a low speed.

4, in the process of work, if found suspicious abnormal phenomenon, it is necessary to immediately stop the inspection, take measures to clean up in time, not to continue to clean up the problem before the operation.

5. After the telescopic fork works for one day, the bucket clip of the forklift shall be parked at the designated place.