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How about the working principle and operation essentials of the forklift bucket clip

Date:2019-05-22 Views:54

  The working principle of the clamping type bucket clamp is that when the forklift truck driver lifts the forklift and the bucket clamp, the lower clamping mechanism on the bucket clamping head meets the edge of the bucket, and the upper clamping mechanism will be pulled down automatically after the special connecting rod mechanism under the force, and the upper clamping mechanism will bite the edge of the bucket together with the lower clamping mechanism automatically. After the bucket falls, the force exerted by the lower clamping mechanism will dissipate, and the upper clamping mechanism will automatically loosen and release the bucket.

  Forklift truck barrels clamp device is above the goods fork of the forklift truck, only need forklift driver based on two barrels clamp fork set width, adjust the width between the two goods forks, start the forklift, insert the pallet fork barrels clamp fork set, barrels clamp only needs within 30 seconds can be removed from the forklift truck to start the forklift to fork out of the fork will be able to set the barrels clamp, after unloading bucket clip, forklifts and other work can be done, such as loading and unloading of the tray.


  The double barrel clip can handle one or two barrels. In grab a bucket, as long as a set of clamping mechanism in action; Another set of clamping mechanism does not work, there is no wear.

  1.Make the forklift door stand upright, so that the top of the forklift bucket clamp is parallel to the air. This degree of state can make the barrel core holder and clamping mechanism vertical rise and fall, more easy to work, will not damage the barrel.

  2.To grab the oil drum, the forklift truck driver should lift the fork and the bucket clip to the top of the barrel, and point the barrel core frame at the center of the four barrels, and gradually drop the fork, so that the bucket clip sits completely on the top of the barrel, and then lift the fork, the clamp will automatically grasp the four barrels.

  3.To release the drums, simply follow the opposite procedure. Drop the fork and bucket clip so that the oil can fall into the air or on the pallet, and keep the mandrel completely sitting on the oil drum. Lift the drum clip again, and the drum clip will be separated from the oil drum automatically.