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What is the purpose analysis and pattern of the stacker fork

Date:2019-05-21 Views:55

  Stacker is the main storage and storage equipment in the automatic storage system, stacker fork, according to the computer instructions in the plane between the shelves of the roadway along the degree and the vertical direction, with the fork to take out or store goods on the shelves.

  Stacker has a single column, double column, turning, light load, extraordinary type. Suitable for high shelf storage

  Single column structure simple, can reduce the cost, simple application, easy maintenance; The operation speed is fast. When the ultra-long and ultra-high roadway is fully loaded, the operation and lifting speed can reach 150m/min and 45m/min respectively, and the forklift pickup speed can reach 30m/min at the fastest. Suitable for high shelf storage.

Stacker fork

  Double column structure is stable, can increase the load and lifting height and stability. Suitable for high shelf and heavy goods storage.

  Turning stacker is equipped with turning installation, which is along the arc track from one laneway to another parallel laneway. Suitable for many laneways, storage frequency is not high and need to save investment plane warehouse.

  Light load also known as mini stacker. Simple structure, small size, light weight, low requirements for air bearing. It is suitable for carrying small volume and light weight of cargo unit.

  Stacker fork,Transcendent is multi - fork structure, long loading platform, bearing capacity. It is mainly used in long bar cargo unit, such as pipe material, bar material and various profiles.