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Telescopic fork is easy to use and more stable

Date:2019-05-21 Views:53

  Adjustable pallet forkIt is often used in automatic warehouse (plane warehouse) system with automatic stacker, according to the instructions of the control system can automatically stow the goods to the designated position, can also automatically take out the desired goods from the warehouse, easy access, high efficiency of warehouse application!

  Telescopic fork can be divided into: (1) rack and pinion telescopic fork: the use of two or three sections, three sections of the fork is by fork, fork, fixed fork and guide rollers and other parts of a good telescopic fork fork mechanism! Fixed fork device on the loading platform, the middle fork can be driven by the gear, rack, from the middle point of the middle fork, to move about half of its own length, the front fork can be from the middle point of the fork out slightly longer than the length of itself! (2) chain telescopic fork: it is composed of upper fork, middle fork, fixed fork and guide wheel, fixed fork device on the loading platform, fixed fork and upper fork and middle fork are all connected by sprocket and chain! Commonly used types are: MD68 / MDA180 / MDA200 / MDA250 / MDA275 model, on the basis of access to different objects, different load negative body weight allocation of the different types of fork!

  The MDA200 extendable fork series is an enhanced version of the MDA180 series. This series preserves the features and benefits of the MDA180 series, resulting in increased performance and the ability to handle heavier loads than smaller models.

  The slide arm of MDA200*110 is 200mm wide and 110mm high.

  The slide arm of MDA200*130 is 200mm wide and 130mm high.

  Adjustable pallet forkThe MDA200 is very sensitive, robust and stable, and allows for offset, which makes it particularly suitable for the automotive industry, where elastic space or dimensional offset requirements are not particularly high and loads up to 3000kg per set (consisting of two sets)Adjustable pallet forkcomposition)。Typical sizes of this series are: upper slide arm of 200mm width and moving parts of 110/130mm total height.

Adjustable pallet fork