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Telescopic fork, in the industry by more people's attention, the effect of the bar drop

Date:2019-05-21 Views:72

  In China, telescopic fork is essential in the transportation industry, is also a very important link, the common standard forklift, 1 ton 2 tons 3 tons, the kind of dock or special industry forklift tonnage is large!

  The principle of the forklift is actually very simple, so the forklift also has the limit, under the condition of overweight, the car rear is bumpy, the novice running is very afraid, but some old drivers are skilled, ordinary do not worry about such a situation, except under special circumstances!

  In foreign countries, in order to increase the load, but also to avoid the forklift overturned condition, so this special forklift presents, "rear end" can be retractable? It sounds very evil, but the forklift effect can, get some industry insiders praise, but also ready to full publicity!


  This forklift is suitable for some small central transport, telescopic bento suitable for special conditions. Reprinted from 100 author: geek play car

  Do you think this picture is exaggerated? Put on the forklift of the same tonnage, already cocked head.

  No less than which tonnage comparable to heavy, and some of the details do well, not a "bending" phenomenon!

  Telescopic forkOf deliver goods free leverage, the most basically is safe, if too heavy tonnage is cannot telescopic, the hardness of steel is in that, attack very easily below too heavy a few special "condition"! Small forklift big role, is not very fierce?