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Telescopic fork is widely used. Do you know what it is

Date:2019-05-21 Views:61

  Adjustable pallet forkYou know what it is? Automation plane warehouse (AS/RS) is a flat shelf, the loading and unloading pallet stacker machine, walking machine system, size detection barcode reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system of WMS WCS, computer management system, and other such AS wire and cable tray distribution cabinets, tray, regulate platform, steel structure platform composed of auxiliary equipment such AS complex automation system. The application of the plane warehouse equipment can accomplish the rationalization of the high level of the warehouse, access automation, cumbersome operation.

  Telescopic fork is the main mechanism of access items, with automatic telescopic function, it is directly assembled in the stacker (lifting, moving platform), the stacker through the shelves between the roadway, complete the automatic access items work (can also be assembled in the fixed worktable)!

  Automatic telescopic fork and consumer line system, enterprise management system docking, the use of computer and bar code technology (encoder), the completion of information efficient operation and management, the real sense of saving labor, energy saving and consumption reduction!

  Automatic planar database is widely used in China, including: industrial consumption, logistics, commodity manufacturing, military applications, aerospace, rail transit, tobacco, medicine, new energy, electronics, chemical, education, food and other fields.