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What are the basic structures of the bidirectional auto-telescopic fork?

Date:2019-05-15 Views:165

Stacker telescopic fork simply said that it is a telescopic mechanism, with a two-way telescopic function, that is to say, the fork can be about two completely opposite direction of the roundtrip telescopic!

Two-way automatic telescopic fork can be divided into single deep telescopic fork and double deep telescopic fork, in which the single deep telescopic fork for three sections (or three sections), and double deep telescopic fork is four sections (or four sections)! It can be combined by one or more forks (according to the size of the carrying object and the carrying weight);

Basic structure of bidirectional automatic telescopic fork: a complete telescopic mechanism composed of front fork, upper fork, lower fork, fixed fork and guide roller, etc. The fixed fork is installed on the loading platform, the middle fork can be driven by the gear and rack to move outward about half of its own length, the upper middle fork and the lower middle fork extend out a little longer than its own length, and the front fork extends out from the middle point of the upper middle fork!

Telescopic fork is widely used in automatic storage system, often with the use of automatic stacker, according to the instructions of the control system can automatically stow the goods to the designated location, can also automatically take out the desired goods from the warehouse, easy access!