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What is intelligent telescopic fork

Date:2019-05-15 Views:167

Stacking smart telescopic plate also known as intelligent telescopic fork, intelligent telescopic fork! Generally by two fork body composition, can also be completed by the form of a single fork independent load, or by multiple fork synchronous load specific can be determined according to the size of the load!

Its basic structure is mostly composed of front fork plate, middle fork plate, fixed fork plate and guide roller and other parts of a complete telescopic mechanism! The fixed fork is installed on the loading platform, the middle fork plate can be driven by the gear and rack to move outward about half of its own length, and the front fork plate can extend slightly longer than itself from the middle fork plate! Double depth can be in a single depth on the basis of the addition of a fork body, the increased fork body can continue to extend outward!

Commonly used stacking wit can stretch plate types are: MD68 / MDA180 / MDA200 / MDA250 / MDA275 series model and so on!

Stacking smart telescopic plate is widely used in automatic storage system, often with the stacker, according to the instructions of the control system can safely and quickly automatically stacking goods to the designated location, or from the shelves (storage) automatically remove the desired items!